The Artist

T.G.Novy is a fine artist and illustrator in Chicago. She is currently expanding her work inspired by Japanese culture, folklore and modern trends. T has been resurfacing and exploring her Japanese lineage and cultural aspects nearly lost due to the internment of her maternal grandparents and their families along side over 127,000 Japanese-Americans during WWII.

A Note on Art...

Like many artists, Art has always been present in my life. "Art" quickly became part of my identity rather than a hobby or something that I "did." I have always been inspired by people and their interactions around me. The Japanese concept of wabi sabi suggests an aesthetically centered notion to accept the imperfections we find. Kaizen is a term that translates to English as, "continuous improvement." Post WWII, the term is most commonly used in the business world, but roots itself in the idea of pursuing perfection in all one does. It is the balance in both wabi sabi and kaizen that I seek. Imperfection is inevitable, but it is the undoubted endeavor that fabricates esteemed work.